Friday, January 19, 2018

"Celebrity Christianity" strikes again

Never mind that Lou Bega, the one hit wonder from the early 2000's, is long out of the public eye.  Never mind that the best way to get back into the public eye, is to have a public "come to Jesus" moment complete with movies and books for purchase $$$$$.

Never mind all that.  Instead, focus your attention on how these celebrities that claim Christianity, always seem to end up with false teachers.

The Last Reformation Movement is a cult that teaches that you must have works for salvation, which is a false gospel that leads to hell (Galatians 1:6-9).  They teach that you need water baptism to be saved, but 1 Corinthians 1:17 and the thief on the cross both make clear that water baptism isn't required for salvation.  And Romans 4:5 makes it clear that you can't add any works to your belief in Jesus for heaven.  If a person adds water baptism or any works, they are teaching a lie that leads to hell.

So Lou Bega will be making a movie with that particular cult, and here we go again with another "Christian" movie that will be created and promoted by false teachers.  And then everyone can celebrate that another celebrity is now "living for Jesus".

Of course, Bega isn't living for Jesus.  He joined a cult.

I would say particular shame on the "Christian Post" website for breaking the story and yet not making it clear that the "Last Reformation Movement" is a cult.  But the "Christian Post" has always been a collection of false teachers.  They actually believe that catholicism is Christian (it is not), and they have article written by tons of false teachers.

We don't need "celebrity Christianity".

We need rightly divided Bible teaching.

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